20 Days till I roll Out

Click the image to learn more about the GoFund Me

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the GoFund Me so far. I appreciate it more than you know!! You can still contribute as it is open ended. A $25 donation or more gets you a signed print from my top 10 trip images gallery.

20 days out and I have a lot of questions on my mind:

Can I do a cross country round trip in 9 days?

What will I learn about myself?

What will I see?

How will my pictures turn out?

Is this epic enough Tito?

How will I top this trip?

What if's....

What will I collect along the way?

How will I stare down the loneliness and monotony?

How will my body and brain do?

How will the shoot in Lodi go?

Will I have the energy to do tech stuff at night?

Thank god for caffeine!

How will I be changed upon my return?

I am excited and have all my logistics in place....I feel antsy and ready to go now! I am looking forward to taking friends and family along for the adventure- albeit virtually.



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