MANual focus - A Photographers Reboot

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And so it begins...... A new stage in my life brings about change, milestones, anxiety and a default reaction to shore up my defenses and hide away. I am over a month away from a 9 day, 5,500 mile drive cross country with just me and my photography gear. I will be posting here daily during the trip as well as my FB and IG sites (you can follow both at JJDPhoto2art). Prior to departing I will reveal more about the genesis of the "Reboot", the emotions, logistics, why's and wherefores.

For now, I wanted to make everyone aware of the adventure and a way to get involved through the GoFundMe page. I am in short, raising money for fuel....for my car and my personal engine......Click the imgae above to get the full story.

As always, thanks for the support!!


#lifestylephotography #artisticphotography #onlocation #selfesteem #photography #JJDPhoto2art #Manualfocus #crosscountry

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