Adventurous Friends

Do you have adventurous friends? I do, and luckily they are clients too. Jennifer and Mike presented me with their idea to have 25th wedding anniversary photos taken by a waterfall. This idea was right up my alley since I mostly shoot outside a studio and do a lot of adventure race photography. After planning and rescheduling because of weather, the day finally arrived. Assisted by Vicky Saye Henderson, we all arrived at the Panther Creek Falls trail head and geared up for our seven mile round trip hike and photo shoot. We packed everything in with us including wardrobe, hair and makeup, changing tent, picnic supplies and other gear. I brought minimal equipment and lighting gear and relied on natural diffused light. Our goal was to capture fun, romantic and artistic images. We hit the trail at 9:45 am and shot at three locations along the way; each unique in their own way. We arrived at the falls around 1:00. It was a challenging hike not for the faint of heart. Twists, turns and hills greeted us with slippery rocks and sheer drop offs. We ate lunch and enjoyed the scenery as we discussed and prepared for the photo shoot in the falls. Mike and Jennifer waded out to the falls amid the swooning of bystanders, several making room on the falls for them to pose. After 20 min of shooting, we packed up and tracked back the way we came. It was extremely tiring hike back. We were tired and hungry and ready to to rest. We made it back to the vehicles about 5:00 and celebrated our creative victory. The blog pictures show some of the behind the scenes and finished product.The shoot demonstrates the power of teamwork and magic of creativity. I look forward to more shoots with my friends Mike and Jennifer.

#photography #onlocation #anniversary #love #artisticphotography

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