Preparing for your shoot

I get a lot of questions before a shoot about logistics, wardrobe, weather, etc. I've tried to consolidate my key points into JJDPhoto2art's 3R's:




I ask my clients to follow my 3R's prior to their session. Now, we know every session is different in concept, location and duration. We'll discuss those questions one on one. The 3R's apply to every shoot. RESEARCH images online that you like or want to emulate. Pin the images on Pinterest, or share with me via email or social media. Let's all know what we want to achieve and have similar expectations. REST the night before the shoot. Properly hydrate and maintain skin care so you can look your best. RELAX prior to the shoot. Try not to rush, be early so you can gather your thoughts and center. Not to worry, I don't immediately start snapping pics. We will settle in as a team before we start.

It's that simple. Follow the 3R's for a less stressful, prepared photography session with JJDPhoto2art.

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